Jusqu'à prendre le froid qu'aucun feu n'apaise.

21 Y.O. Metz. In love with my bed. Tim Burton is the best. Cinephile. Hunger games; Peeta *-*. Harry Potter. LOTR. Shaun of the dead. Mr Nobody. All of Tim Burton's movies *-*. & so many others.
Music=Life. Metal. Concert>All. Korn. SOAD. Slipknot. Pink Floyd. The GazettE. ADTR. FOB. The pretty reckless. 30stm. MCR. Kyo. Dir En Grey. Avenged Sevenfold. Stone Sour. PTV. BMTH. Memphis my fire. Rammstein. P.O.D.
Sonisphere. Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davis, Tony Perry, Evan Peters. Benoit Poher, Pete Wentz & Oliver Sykes. Tattoo. Doc Martens. Drop Dead. Soap & glory, Soleil Sucré, Lush. BBW. Candle.
Scrubs. MLP. Fluttershy. The Big Bang Theory. Game of Thrones. Mom. HIMYM. AHS. Friends. Malcolm. Unicorn. White wine. Beer. Party. Books. Nesquik. Halloween. Snow. Dogs; pug. Hugs. Family & Friends.

Jeveuxtoi. I'm out of control.
And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

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Tu m’as offert une éternité dans un nombre de jours limités, et j’en suis heureuse.

"I’m not the person you left behind anymore. There’s no one here to miss."

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endless list of otps - charlie + claire (lost)

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