Take my hand, I'll take you there.

21 Y.O. 💜. Metz. Love my bed. Cinephile 🎬. Tim Burton is the best. Hunger games; Peeta *-*. Harry potter. LOTR. TFIOS. Mr Nobody. Shaun of the dead. Tim Burton's movies & so many others.
Music=Life. Metal🎸. Concert>All. Korn. SOAD. Slipknot. Pink Floyd. The GazettE. ADTR. FOB. The pretty reckless. 30stm. MCR. Kyo. Dir En Grey. Avenged Sevenfold. Muse. Stone Sour. PTV. BMTH. MMF. Rammstein. P.O.D.
Sonisphere. Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davis, Tony Perry, Evan Peters. Benoit Poher, Pete Wentz & Oliver Sykes. Tattoo. Doc Martens. Drop Dead. Soap & glory, Victoria's Secret , Lush. BBW. Candle. London.
Scrubs. MLP. Fluttershy. TBBT. Game of Thrones. Mom. HIMYM. AHS. Friends. Malcolm. Unicorn. White wine. Beer. Party🎊. Books. Nesquik. Halloween🎃. Snow❄. Dogs; Joey 🐶. Hugs. Family & Friends.

Jeveuxtoi. I'm out of control.
And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

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"Give yourself over to absolute pleasure."

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Nein. No matinees, no. People don’t come to see freaks in the heat of day, they come in the evening when the darkness moves in and speaks of mystery and the unknown. When logic loosens it’s vice grip and the imagination comes out to play. Night allows the stars to shine and we come alive. No. Daytime is for kiddie shows, clouds and cupie dolls. If that’s what you’re used to, but you’re in a real freak show now. MY freak show!

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"Love yourself like you wish he loved you."

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